3 Easy Ways To Wash Your Makeup Brushes Like A Pro


The makeup brushes we use are the essential tools that help us achieve that perfect look, be it the flawless foundation or that glamourous smokey eye look.

Therefore it is extremely important to keep these magical tools clean. Think of brush cleaning as an essential part of your beauty routine. The buildup of dirt and oils on your makeup brushes can cause acne breakouts so you should deep clean your brushes at least once a week.

What should I use to wash my makeup brushes?

For cleaning natural fiber brushes it is highly recommended to use chemical-free baby shampoos as they are gentle formulas and don’t harm the the bristles of the brushes.

Specially formulated makeup brush cleansers are also widely used for cleaning up makeup brushes and can be easily found in cosmetic shops.

How do I clean my makeup brushes?

Now that you have the information and tools to get the job done, here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your makeup brushes:

  1. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water.
  2. Place a drop of your cleanser of choice into the palm of your clean hand.
  3. Gently massage the tips of the bristles in your palm.
  4. Rinse the bristles thoroughly.
  5. Squeeze out the excess moisture with a clean towel.
  6. Re-form the brush head back into its original shape.
  7. Let the brush dry with its bristles hanging off the edge of a counter, which allows it to dry in the correct shape.

Lastly, don’t over-cleanse your brushes! Sometimes super clean brushes don’t pick up product as well, and a little grit on the brush is ok as long as you don’t go overboard in avoiding cleaning.

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