3 Makeup Strategies That Will Make You Look More Attractive


Makeup is an art and you can be the best artist by following these 3 simple techniques.

When it comes to makeup, it all comes down to the technique. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, these 3 easy and effective strategies will completely change the way you do your makeup.

1. Use concealer smartly

Up until now, we’ve all been applying excessive concealer under our eyes to cover dark circles. But did you know that you only need to apply two dots to get the maximum coverage? Rather than applying one full layer of it, divide your concealer in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Blend it in and you’ll notice more lifted eyes.


2. Use a wet beauty blender to set your makeup

After you are done with your makeup, spritz setting spray on your beauty blender and gently press it on your face for a flawless, air brushed finish.

3. Use mascara in a zig-zag motion

Want thicker, fuller lashes without wearing falsies? Here’s the trick. Put your finger in the outer corner of your eyes and stretch it a little. Now, apply your mascara in a vertical, zig-zag motion. Remove your finger and brush it as usual. And viola!


Which one of these tricks are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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