3 Nail Trends You’ll Want to Bookmark for 2022


Let your hands do the talking with the top nail trends of 2022.

Trend predictions across all categories have started pouring in and it’s clear that everyone is ready for an adventurous year. From makeup, fashion, and even nails, 2022 will give us a lot of head-turning trends. Curious what you can expect to see on social media and the fingers of your coolest friends throughout 2022? Check out the top nail trends of 2022 below.

1. Magical finish

Adding a hint of sparkle to your nails will be super popular this year. Metallic accents, glitter nails, shiny finishes, basically anything that glistens will set the mood for 2022.


2. Mismatched nails

nail trends

Mismatched nails were one of the top trends in 2021, and it is definitely going strong in 2022. However, you can expect new takes on this artistic expression.


3. Nail stickers

Nail stickers will trend again in 2022 and we think it is a great way to beautify your tips. If you want to learn some simple and trendy stick-on nail DIYs, click here.

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