3 Post-Workout Skincare Tips You Must Start Today


A great workout session is great for a healthy mind, body and skin of course, but sweat, dirt and heat can cause breakouts and inflammation.

Here’s exactly how you can take care of your skin after a solid workout.

1. Cleanse

Get out of your gym attire and go for a shower. Tight clothes, debris, sweat, and oil are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and breakouts. Wash your body and face with a salicylic acid based cleanser to kick out all the enemies.


2. Apply a soothing serum

This will help to calm down the redness and inflammation caused by the heat. Here’s a pro tip: Keep your soothing serum/toner in refrigerator for a more cooling effect.


3. Moisturize

Your skin needs moisture to maintain the natural oil and water balance. Opt for a lightweight, water-based cream or lotion to rebalance your skin’s moisture.

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