3 Retinol Myths Busted!


Retinol — the fountain of youth in a tiny bottle is one of the most talked about skincare ingredients, but at the same time people are terrified to use it.

What if we told you that everything you’ve heard about retinol so far are just lies and misinformation? Let’s debunk some retinol myths today, shall we?

Myth#1: You can’t use retinol during the day.


Most of the time you’re told not to use retinoids during the day because they are not stable and break down in sunlight, however, that’s not true. It is perfectly fine to use retinols during the day, as long as you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen over them.

Myth#2: You should always apply retinoids to dry skin.


Yes and No. The thing is, you need to apply skincare products on damp skin so that they work better. However, when it comes to retinols and retinoids, it is suggested to apply them to dry skin in order to limit the sensitivity, but that is not exactly the case. The best way to maximize it’s effects and limit the sensitivity is to apply it over your moisturizer or mix it in your moisturizer or facial oil.

Myth#3: Retinol exfoliates skin


Retinols can cause flaking for some people, but this temporary reaction shouldn’t be mistaken for exfoliation. Retinol is not an exfoliant, it is an antioxidant which restores the skin’s elasticity and prevents fine lines and wrinkes.

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