3 Simple Things Your Favourite Celebs Do to Keep Their Skin Healthy


Here are some exciting and easy skincare tips by your favourite celebs to try!

Always wanted to look like your favourite celebrity? Here are some of their best-kept secrets to keep their skin healthy and glowing.


1. Mariam Ansari’s DIY face mask

Mariam Ansari is known for being a health and fitness freak who also has flawless skin. You’ll be shocked to find out, that she only relies on her mother’s homemade face mask to get rid of active acne. Just mix Alum (phitkari) with water and apply as a mask after cleansing and that’s all you need in life to have an acne-free face.


2. Saba Qamar’s homemade hand and foot mask.

Saba Qamar reveals her secret to having the most beautiful and soft hands and feet. Her DIY hand and foot mask is definitely a must-try! Mix a few drops of castor oil with glycerin, apply overnight and feel the magic! This easy DIY mask is magical and works wonders on your hands and feet!


3. Armeena Khan’s skin care routine

Who doesn’t need glowing skin like Armeena Khan? Armeena uses good sunscreen and drinks a lot of water. The sunscreen protects our skin from the sun’s heat and the water keeps the skin hydrated! Get that glowy skin with just these two easy steps!


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