4 Flawless Foundation Tips


These foundation tips are a game changer!

Foundation – many women have a love/hate relationship with it. When done right, it can create the appearance of even-toned, smooth and spotless skin. But it can also turn out cakey, dry and flaky at times. That’s why you need a great strategy to get that natural finish.

1. Prep your skin

Before you start your makeup, prep your skin first. Start with a hydrating toner/serum and lock it in with a moisturiser. Gently press everything in and leave your skincare to absorb. During the day, wear a sunscreen under your makeup because the SPF in your makeup is not enough to protect your skin from sun damage.


2. Pick the right foundation

The most important step for a flawless foundation application is to pick the right foundation. If you have oily skin, go for semi matte to matte foundations. For dry skin types, opt for a foundation that has glowy, luminous and radiant finish.


3. It’s all in the technique

Start from the centre of the face and work your way out. The centre of the face requires the most coverage so it’s best you apply it from your the sides of the nose. Less is more, so don’t go overboard with your foundation. Start with a small amount, and then add more until you have just the right amount of coverage.


4. Don’t forget to set it with a powder

Most people skip this step because they don’t want their skin to look powdery or cakey, but guess what?! This final step is going to make all the difference whether you have oily or dry skin. If you’ve hydrated and moisturised your skin properly, you don’t need to worry about looking cakey. A good, prepped base is crucial for great results. Just go light on your powder and gently press it in the areas that you want, such as, under the eyes, forehead and around the nose.

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