5 Absolutely happening ponytail styles for spring!


Flowers aren’t the only thing that is blossoming this spring, it’s a new season and it’s time for new spring ponytail trends to bloom.

Feeling like your next pony style can be a daunting task! You probably feel like you’ve tried every look, be it twists, back combing, high pony, low pony and what not?  Spring is the time for all things to flourish, including your hair. Leave behind your go-to protective pony styles and add some flair to your everyday look.

Check out these 5 ponytails styles that you can achieve all by yo’self!

Double twisted ponytail

If you’re tired of your basic, boring ponytail, but you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your hair… this is the perfect side-do. This double twist ponytail is perfect to keep in your every day hairstyle on fleek. It looks pretty and effortless, and best of all, it’s done in six easy steps. Wear it with jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer for a nice workday look or, with a dress and a chunky cardigan for a cool, casual look!

How to

  1. Split your hair in two sections from the middle.
  2. Bring one section in the front so you can work easily with the other section at the back.
  3. Start twisting the hair from your ear until you get about halfway down the section.
  4. Tie it up with a rubber band.
  5. Do the same with the other section by bringing it to the back.
  6. Re-twist both the sections a little again to tighten them. Then tie them up together with another rubber band.

That’s one ponytail style with a twist that’ll make your hair look slick, chic and on fleek!



Bow Ponytail

There is something particularly and strangely satisfying about looking at an artfully tied ribbon! It’s simple, classic yet so euphoric… to the extent that a hair ribbon seems too good, too easy, too accessible and too delightful. Wear this look with a dungaree, a frock dress or a cropped shirt and straight fit jeans for an effortless look!

How to

  1. Make a ponytail securing it with an elastic band.
  2. Wrap it around with a hair ribbon and make a bow out of it.

This one’s a spin on the zero hassle, classic ponytail that’s as easy as 123, and can be done by you or me!





Braid with a ribbon ponytail

This ain’t your basic braid gals! Trick out your tresses for a schoolgirl-style cum chic look Want to keep your hair fashion forward with a touch of the femininity? You simply can do this by embellishing ponytails encrusted with braids and ribbons! denim head-to-toe or a sequin dress will compliment this look perfectly!

How to style

  1. Make a small pony at the crown of your head, leaving the front bangs open. Secure with a band.
  2. Tie your favorite colored hair scarf and tie it around the ponytail.
  3. Get some loose waves in the length of the hair.

Break the monotony of everyday ponies and rock those tresses like the Boheme chic babe that you are!




Bubble ponytail

What we love about this ponytail is how simple yet stylish it is! It will take about 10 minutes to do, and with practice, I think it would eventually take less time. So all you busy ladies out there – be encouraged! Cute hairstyles can still be achieved even when you have a lot to do! What’s even better? Well, if you haven’t had time to shampoo, you can use dry shampoo and add that gorgeous volume, cuz more volume means more bubbles. Rock the look by wearing this pony style with  peplums or wraps.

How to style

  1. Make a low ponytail securing it with a band.
  2. About 2 inches down from the first one, secure it again with a band.
  3. Loosen the hair in between the bands with your finger to make a bubble out of it.
  4. Keep repeating step 2 and 3 until the end of your hair length.

Channel your inner fierce diva with this look, that you wish to look like! Add accessories to be a little extra.



Ponytail with extensions

Ponytail has remained a staple hairstyle for all women. But what happens when your ponytail just doesn’t have that lift, life, or length you’d like it to have? A thin, limp ponytail just doesn’t have the same effect than a long, thick, bouncy one, does it? No volume? no worries! You can get that dreamy volume by using hair extensions.

How to style

  1. Make a thin ponytail at the crown of your head securing it with a band.
  2. Use as many hair extension clips as per the desired pony thickness, attaching them around the pony.
  3. Tie all your hair in a high ponytail, covering the extension clips.
  4. Take a thin strand of hair from your pony and wrap it around the band, securing with pins.
  5. Smooth down the flyaways with a sleek comb if any.
  6. Curls in the ponytails would be a cherry on top.

Don’t forget, More the volume, more the confidence you feel!


Treat yo’self with these fab ponytail looks and they’ll surely treat you with compliments. Comment below and let us know what your favorite ponytail hairstyle is?




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