5 Big Beauty Moments that Caught Our Attention This Year


With 2022 just a few days away, let’s look back at some of the coolest and most trending beauty moments from 2021 to refresh our memories.

This year, life shifted back to normal. With an ease in lockdown restrictions, social life resumed which means new beauty trends emerged to make up for the one whole year of hibernation. Let’s revisit 2021 in a beautiful way and look back at the 5 biggest beauty moments that went viral.

1. Gelled back hair

beauty moments

This hairstyle took over the Internet and some celebs even wore it to red carpets.


2. Embellished eyes

From runway models, to celebs and influencers, we saw rhinestones incorporated in eye makeup a lot.


3. Coloured French manicure

beauty moments

The coloured French manicure instantly became a sensation on Instagram and we are happy to announce that we’ll be seeing them in 2022 as well.


4. Match eyeliner with the dress

Be it pink, blue, purple or even neon, this year, we saw people swapping their black eyeliners with a pop of colour.


5. A hint of lip balm

Natural lips was one of the biggest trends of 2021 and thanks to that, tinted lip balms became popular again.

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