5 Everyday Habits That Seem to Improve the Skin, But are Actually the Enemies!


Everybody wants great skin, but some of the daily habits you may not think about can damage your skin over time.

By improving your day-to-day habits, you can keep your complexion on track. Find them out below.


1. Washing your face with cold water or hot water

Using too hot or too cold water doesn’t open or close your pores, But, it can weaken the skin barrier, cause rosacea and acne and dry out the skin.


2. Washing your face too often

Washing your face too frequently breaks the skin’s natural balance and leaves skin dry. This can accelerate ageing, and also worsen skin conditions like acne or rosacea.


3. Drinking too much water

Drinking an adequate amount of water is good for your body and skin, however, drinking too much water at once is not good. The body doesn’t absorb it completely and ends up releasing it out of the body.


4. Using too many skincare products

Using too many skincare products on a daily basis damages the skin barrier and can further cause acne and milia.


5. Sleeping with a face mask on

Whether it’s a sheet mask or a DIY face pack, sleeping with it or leaving it for a long time can take away the skin’s nutrients and leave it even drier than before.


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