5 Haircare Tips to Keep Your Tresses Always Healthy


Do you want your hair to look luscious, healthy, and shiny? These tips will make them look fabulous 24/7.

Your hair needs extra care and pampering to stay healthy and strong. Here are five tips for healthy hair that will help you achieve a lustrous and healthy mane.

1. Always use a conditioner. It is a must for detangling and protecting hair from breakage.

2. If you have dry hair, use the sandwich method: condition, shampoo, condition.

3. Don’t leave your hair wet. Wet hair swells up and is weak. Towel dry, apply heat protection product and blow dry your hair on the low-heat setting.

4. Oils are your friends. They reduce friction and breakage.

5. Don’t be afraid of silicones and sulfates. They exist for a reason and are good at their job.

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