5 Life-changing Styling Tips Every Girl Needs to Know


These styling tips will help you put your best fashion foot forward.

Whether you are wearing a simple denim jeans or carrying a classy handbag, the one thing that is going to stand out and make a strong impression, is HOW you style it the right way. Continue reading to learn all the styling tips.


1. Build a capsule wardrobe

A few statement pieces are a must for every woman. These include a white button-down shirt, a dark wash jeans, a pair of elevated sneakers and a power handbag.


2. Monochrome outfits

Going monochrome is a great way to elevate your style and look classy. You can either wear similar shades of the same colour or stick to one colour.


3. Match your metals

Be it your jewellery, shoes or jacket, matching your metals make you look very elegant in a very subtle way. Gold suits olive and green undertones, whereas silver and white gold suit pink undertones.


4. Care for your outfits

Keep your outfits in a good shape by caring for them. Use fabric softeners and remove lint from sweaters. Properly iron or steam clothes which wrinkle easily.


5. Invest in shape wear

Shape wears bring out your best features and make you look more feminine. Identify the shape of your body and invest in the shape wears accordingly. To find out more about body shapes and styling tips, click here.


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