5 most trending ways to rock BLUE hair dye!



Image result for blue hair color pngHairgicians and color aficionados know that the colour of the year 2020 is Blue. So why not follow international trends and go blue, bold and beautiful this year?

Blue hair has shed its punk rock roots and become one of the trendiest, dare-we-say mainstream, way to express yourself and let your hair do the talking. From cool ice blue hair shades to chic denim hair color to subtle jet blue black hair color, there’s a version of blue for every season, mood and style. The color can be muted enough for ladies who have a strict working culture but also want to be flamboyant and showy enough for girls who like to make a statement with their hair. BUT we get that its a daring shade to try! So here are  5 ways to rock it like it’s hot.

Key is to choose a shade of blue that complements your skin tone and makes you look good!

Purplish blue hair

Purple may not suit most people but this purplish-blue color definitely will scream otherwise. This hair color is perfect for girls who want to make a statement with their hair but not go too overboard with the colors. Could this get any more perfect? Definitely! You don’t have to bleach your hair for this look as well! Rock this look with a blue eye liner and a pink lip and cheek tint.

Grayish blue hair

This greyish-blue hair color instantly adds an air of elegance with its cool tone. This  suits girls with all face shapes, complexion and will really bring out the best features of your face. It is a versatile color that looks good in both formal and casual settings. Accentuate this look by applying a silver eye liner graphically and a plum lip!

Ash Blue hair

Although bleaching is required to achieve this hair color, we think that you’ll tots ace it! The color looks muted under indoor lighting, perfect for the gals who are adult-ing and casual workplace! But there’s a catch… it is bright and gorgeous under sunlight, making it suitable for a bold gals day out. This shade will become you and will make you look the epitome of beauty, charm and grace! To add an extra oomph factor to this look, apply a subtle smokey eye and a subtle pink lip

Pastel Blue Hair Color

Pastel blue hair color will make you look twice with those dreamy undertones. It has layers of beautiful blues over platinum hair or grey hair for a subtler version of this trendy hair look. To up the drama, pair with a winged cat eye, a red lip, or embrace your inner rock star!

When life throws blues your way, put them in your hair! For all those chickas who want to go bold and beautiful, we highly recommend these looks! Comment below, and let us know what your favorite hair blues are?

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