ATTENTION BRIDES! Here Are 5 Heavenly Tips To Get You Glowing!


A wedding isn’t about only tying a knot. It’s about lavish outfits, flawless makeup, and tons of pictures! To achieve these “bride goals”, brides-to-be need to develop a set of healthy habits, especially for their skin. This skin regimen should be followed religiously for it to be most effective. Here are some tips to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

  1. Scrub-a-dub-dub


Cleansing and exfoliation are no-brainers but for brides, it’s even more crucial. All those shopping trips make you vulnerable to pollution and clogged pores. Make sure you develop a habit of mild exfoliation once a week and deep cleansing daily before going to bed. It removes dirt and dust and lets your skin breathe.

2. H2O on-the-go

Among all the wedding related stuff to keep in your bag for the next few months, make the water bottle a must have. Your skin needs sufficient hydration to rid itself of dullness. Make a mental note of drinking water consciously after every hour and gulp down at least 8 glasses per day. If you feel like you’ll forget, set reminders on your phone to remind you every two hours. Starting your day with a glass of lukewarm water with a hint of lemon juice is recommended for a glowing skin.

3. Sleeping Beauty Vibes

Sleep is crucial for radiant skin. If we take beauty sleep for granted, our skin will give us a tough time. It’s necessary for keeping our hormones balanced and body well-rested too. Who wants dark circles before a wedding? Prioritize your sleeping of at least 8 hours and save yourself from worrisome skin problems before big events.

4. Stress Mess

Considering the magnitude of planning a wedding requires, it is only natural that we feel anxious. Dealing with so many people while trying to stay focused and organized can cause stress which takes its toll on the skin too. Incorporate some stress management techniques in your routine, such as daily yoga, or simply try some deep breathing exercises.

5. Don’t forget the sun protection

This is a crucial step in our skincare routine – yet the most ignored and underrated. Pakistan’s heat at times can be unbearable and brutal and it’s hardly what your delicate skin needs before the big day!  Make sure to protect it from the sun by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every time you go out. It prevents spots, dryness, and damage done to your skin by UV rays.

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