5 Skincare Myths That are Ruining Your Skin


Be wary of these skincare myths.

There is a ton of skincare advice being thrown around on the Internet, but not all of it is good. In fact, some of it isn’t even true and you could potentially damage your skin. Read on to debunk some of the most absurd skincare myths that are ruining your skin.

1. Higher percentages are better

If a 5% formulation is good then a 15% formulation will be twice as good, right? Wrong. Higher concentration of an ingredient does not mean that a certain product is better or more effective. It’s about finding the sweet spot. There’s only so much that your skin can handle and you shouldn’t compromise your skin barrier for the sake of higher percentages.


2. You should cleanse every time your skin gets oily

Cleansing too often can strip away your natural skin barrier and leave you with dry, dehydrated and flaky skin. If you have oily skin, wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser and use ingredients like retinol, niacinamide and BHAs to regulate sebum production.


3. You need to use every active ingredient everyday

No, using 6 actives in the morning and 10 actives at night will only ruin your skin barrier. Stick to the basics like vitamin C, retinol, AHA or BHA and add more targeted ingredients according to your skin’s needs.


4. You don’t need sunscreen in winters

You need sunscreen 365 days of the year to protect your skin from UV damage and skin cancer. For those who struggle with reapplying sunscreen, especially over makeup, we have a few tips for you. Click here.


5. Natural and “chemical free” skincare is better

Just because it comes from the nature, doesn’t mean it is safe or non-toxic. There is no such thing as “chemical free” and brands that are selling you the “organic skincare” narrative are lying to you.

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