5 Skincare Products You Don’t Need


Everybody is telling you to buy this or that. but here are 5 skincare products you don’t need in your routine.

Building a skincare routine is a great task. There are a million products out there in the market and all of them offer various benefits and claims. But there are some skincare products you don’t need at all. Let’s find them out below.


1. Toner

Toners are marketed to “balance the pH of the skin”. But if you are using a gentle cleanser, chemical exfoliant and moisturiser, you don’t need a toner to balance anything.


2. Essence

Essences became popular with the rise of K-beauty. They are formulated with fermented ingredients and humectants to hydrate, brighten, slightly exfoliate and nourish the skin. But in reality, they are just a luxury skincare product. You might like an essence because of the experience, but it certainly is not a necessity in your everyday routine.


3. Eye cream

Eye creams are basically moisturisers that come in a tiny, expensive jar. So, you definitely don’t need them.


4. Face masks

Another luxury skincare product that you don’t need is a face mask. If you are exfoliating regularly, using a gentle cleanser and retinol, you certainly don’t need a clay mask to control oiliness. The same goes for sheet masks. Sheet masks are basically a piece of cloth drenched in serums. If you are already using a serum for your targeted concern like hyper-pigmentation or wrinkles, you don’t need a sheet mask to do exactly the same thing.


5. Lip scrub

The skin on our lips regenerate much faster than the skin on our face, so you don’t need to exfoliate them in the first place. Secondly, lip scrubs can be very harsh. If you feel flakiness, the best way to get rid of it is to gently rub your lips with a warm wash cloth and use a lip balm or vaseline after.


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