5 Skincare Trends That Need to Stop Immediately


These skincare trends need to die for the sake of humanity!

Every year, the beauty community hops onto the coolest skincare trends. While some of them are actually good and effective, others are ridiculously absurd and have little to no benefits and can further damage the skin. Let’s take a look at 5 skincare trends that need to stop immediately so that everyone could live peacefully.

1. Makeup wipes

Makeup wipes have been around for a while, but it’s time to bid them farewell. While they claim to ‘clean skin and remove excessive oil and makeup’, in reality they do nothing of the sort. To put it simply, makeup wipes only give a false sense of security. They don’t remove makeup, oil or impurities as effectively as a cleanser and over time, this can clog pores and cause breakouts.

2. Cleansing brushes

Cleansing brushes are all the hype on social media, but let us remind you that they are neither good for your skin, nor your wallet. Other than being expensive, these sonic devices strip off the protective barrier of the skin. They tend to over exfoliate the skin, resulting in extremely irritated, red and blotchy skin.

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3. Pore strips

Another skin damaging trend that needs to die is pore strips. They are marketed to remove blackheads and sebaceous filaments for once and for all, but sadly, it doesn’t work that way. There are tons of videos on social media where people remove pore strips from their nose and honestly, the process seems pretty satisfying. But the bitter truth is that the blackheads and sebaceous filaments will return after a week. Not only that, but pore strips are very harsh and can tear away the skin’s protective layer.


4. Microneedling at home

Microneedling or dermarolling is a cosmetic procedure in which the skin is punctured or pricked with tiny, sterile needles which causes the body to make more collagen and elastin. It helps with acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, stretch marks and a bunch of other skin issues. However, this process is only meant to be done by professionals and in medical offices. At home microneedling is unsafe because the device has to be 100% clean and it is supposed to be used in a certain manner. If you are not careful, it can cause skin infections, bleeding and bruising.

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5. Chemical peels at home

We all want baby soft skin, but alas! Not everything is meant to be achieved at home. Like microneedling, chemical peeling is also an in-office medical procedure. Doing it at home can cause redness, inflammation and in the worst case scenario, blisters. Sun exposure can also worsen the condition.

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