5 Super Effective Anti-Ageing Tips to Start Today


Ageing is a natural process. Although we cannot turn the clock, we still can prevent it and add years to our life (and skin) with some healthy habits and anti-ageing tips.

Our goal is to help you achieve your best skin at every age so that you age gracefully. Check out these 5 super effective anti-ageing tips.

1. Sleep well

You may have heard it countless times that an eight hour sleep is essential for a healthy body and skin and we are here to emphasize just that. When we sleep, our body goes into recovery mode and clears out all the toxins so that when we wake up, we feel energized. Sleeping late poses a threat to our body’s natural clock, which eventually harms our skin and body.

2. Always wear a sunscreen

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, whether it’s sunny, rainy or cloudy out there, you must always protect your skin from the UV rays. The best anti-ageing precaution you can take is to always wear a sunscreen.

3. Eat everything

Please don’t cut out carbs, dairy or any other food groups out of your diet. Unless you are allergic to any food group or don’t like the taste of it, you should eat everything in moderation because your body gets its fuel from food. You are what you eat so give your body the right and good quality nutrients to do its job.


4. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation helps to brighten dull skin and remove dead skin cells. This will allow your skin to generate new, healthy skin cells faster, however don’t go overboard. You should exfoliate your skin no more than thrice a week.

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5. Use retinoids

As we age, our skin cell turnover and collagen production slows down. Retinoids boost this natural process by increasing the production of collagen, and preventing fine lines and wrinkles.


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