7 ways to Dodge Blemishes!



Think back to the age of 12 when things began to change for you. Some of the changes were pleasant – you grew taller, your body became more feminine and you were allowed to own your first tube of mascara! But there were some changes that weren’t so pleasant – namely, pimples! Angry, red eruptions began to crop up all over your face, for no reason at all! Add that to teenage angst and out-of-control hormones: you had a real tragedy on your hands!

Luckily, time is a great teacher and healer. We have grown out of the angst, into our awkward feet and know exactly how to fake a fabulous hair day! We have learned to let petty things go and how to contour our faces to perfection. Yet, some of us still have a rebellious blemish which will insist on rearing its ugly head when we really don’t need it to. For such times, let’s go back to basics and rediscover the things to avoid to be completely zit-free.

1.Wash your hands, often!

Our hands come in contact with myriad things throughout the day – keyboards, phones, stairwell railings, other people’s hands – the list goes on. Unfortunately, the most common skin sin we commit unconsciously is touching our own face – and transferring all that you have touched with your hands onto your face! So wash your hands often or keep a hand sanitizer within arm’s reach, always!


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2. Keep your face clean

The recommended amount of times to wash your face is twice a day – this ensures that you get rid of what may have accumulated on your face in that duration, such as sebum, dust, dead skin cells, etc. All of these may clog pores and provide a breeding ground for bacteria.  So keep that face squeaky clean, as often as you can.


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3. Moisturize

Washing your face removes sebum, which is a naturally occurring moisturizer. However, if you don’t moisturize after you wash your face, the sebaceous glands go into overdrive, and begin to pump out sebum at an alarming rate, leading to greasy looking skin. This grease attracts more dust and blocks pores. So nip this problem in the bud by applying moisturizer to your face right after washing. We love Pond’s White Beauty Moisturizer; it moisturizes and reduces the appearance of dark spots.


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4.Avoid Makeup

When possible, let your skin breathe, without makeup. Makeup builds a layer over your skin and in a way, suffocates the skin, specifically when it is already irritated. Yes, sometimes it is absolutely unavoidable, so for those times, wear makeup for the duration that you absolutely have to, and remove it right after.


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5. Don’t Over Exfoliate

Avoid using gritty products to clean your face when the skin is irritated. The inflamed skin is delicate and the grit may scratch and even puncture the skin. Not good! Try scrubbing around the irritated skin and use a mild or medicated face wash on the affected area. If you must apply something, try a thin paste of gram flour and rose water. Gently apply the paste and let it dry on your skin. Wash it away with warm water. This helps pull the impurities out of the skin, preventing them from spreading further.


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6. Eat Well

Sometimes you just need a cheeseburger. With large fries. And possibly a hot fudge sundae right after. Sparingly, we give you our blessings to indulge. However, that blessing comes with the promise that you will eat clean for the next one week! These grease benders alter your body chemistry on the inside, sending your hormones into hyperactivity, which results in breakouts. So add fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of water into your diet and your skin will thank you.



7. Say No to Dandruff

This is a big cause of facial acne – or back acne. Flakes form when the scalp are not clean and are accumulated of grease and dust. This, then causes the skin to shed onto your face, neck, shoulders and back, which transfers bacteria onto these areas and leads to breakouts.

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There are many expensive treatments with dermatologists and aestheticians in the market for blemishes but how about you avoid blemishes in just 7 simple ways discussed above because darling prevention is better than cure?

What do you do to keep your blemishes in check. Comment to let us know! XOXO


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