7 Tricks To Make Damaged Hair Look Healthy Instantly!



Limp, fine hair bringing your spirits down? If the answer is yes, it’s time to give these age-old volume boosting techniques a shot.

Use a light oil or shine serum

A serum or light oil such as Jojoba Oil can fake the shine your hair is otherwise lacking. Also, most of these serums and oils are packed with nutrients your damaged hair will appreciate and love in the long run.



Toss it in a bun

An up-do is the best trick to give the illusion of thicker hair. Put your head upside down and brush hair from the roots downwards. Then collect your hair and twist it into a fuller voluminous bun. Accessorise with fancy clips to add some bling to your hair do.



Go for a trim & blowdry

A good trim followed by a blowdry brings instant life and bounce back into damaged hair, making it seem healthier and full of life. If you’ve been delaying a trim, now is the time to bid farewell to those split ends!



Tease the roots

Backcombing is an age-old technique to make hair seem fuller and voluminous. Tease your hair around the crown area to make it look big and healthy.



Use a moisturising shampoo 

Damaged hair needs extra care and extra oiling which is why it’s better to switch to good quality moisturising shampoos like Dove Intense Repair that gives your hair that extra hit of moisture it’s craving without stripping off the natural oils from root to tip.



Wash with cold water

Cold water seals in the natural oils while hot water strips it away. If you’re someone who enjoys hot showers, end your hot shower with one last cold blast of water to seal cuticles and pores.



Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases tug at your hair and absorb all the moisture from your hair in the night, making it weak and brittle. Switch to a silk pillowcase for a luxurious napping experience and a happier head of hair.



If you would like us to recommend expert approved products that you can use to combat hair damage comment below. 


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