80’S Hair Styles we Love…


80’s Hair Style is having moment. The volume, crimps, and curls are getting a refresh. The sheer craziness of the hairstyles tops our list- see our 5 most favourite looks.


The High Pony Tale.

The hairstyle that dominated the ’80s both as a full updo and half-up half-down variation. Bonus points if you tie it up with a scrunchie!


Feathered Layers.

Adding layers to your hair—especially around the face IS flattering—giving an opportunity to play with face shapes. Add a dramatic blow dry with a round brush for big, fluffy curls.

Mullets and Shags.

Debbie Harry and  Miley Cyrus  are the inspiration for this style. Shaggy or chunky mullet has a grunge vibe to it, because of its messy appearance. It is a basic short mullet with short sides and a longer back part, but with some extra layers.


80’s Blowout.

Without adding the volume it isn’t an 80’s style. This bouncy, full of volume hairstyle- for a modern twist looser curls and softer body.


The Side Part.

80s side part is our number 1 favourite.— looks super cool and sleek. It’s the easiest to create- flip your hair to the side and spray it with a texturizing spray through your mid-lengths and ends for some added volume.


Next appointment is for 80’S Hair Style.

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