A lack of routine means declining beauty


Healthy mind + healthy body = happy life!

It’s true that great skin comes from great genes, but for those not blessed with the best genetics, there is still hope. All you have to do is up your skincare game to get similar, if not the same, results. By “skin care” we do mean what you put on your skin and how you put it, BUT one of the biggest factors contributing to great skin is….a GREAT ROUTINE. A fit lifestyle will not only benefit your mental health, but it will also largely contribute to your skin health. How many times have we witnessed a pimple spring to life on our faces, right after we indulge in oily, greasy food? Well the only way to combat that, is to have a balanced lifestyle!

Read on to find out more.


Sleeping for beauty



Let’s start with sleep. Your body recovers while you snooze and when you have less than 8 hours worth of sleep, your skin reacts to it. Blood flow is boosted to the skin at night, so the amount of glow and dullness on your face in the morning is determined by how proper or improper your sleep was through the night. Puffy eyes, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines, all these problems can be rooted to less than enough sleep.


Eating for beauty



Next come the meals you take and do not take.  Firstly don’t miss any meal for a day. Eat up darl! You do not want to miss out on all those nutrients for your skin! Make sure your diet has certain vitamins and minerals. Having vitamin E in your diet plan promotes youthful skin while vitamin C prevents fine lines. Selenium secures the skin’s elasticity and delays aging and so does vitamin A.  On the other hand, excessive sugar makes you gain weight and is not good for your skin!! Eat less sugar, you’re already too sweet. Greasy food, carbohydrates and sodas dwindle your beauty to a great extent by damaging the production of collagen. So, more proteins, less carbs-Eat healthy to stay beautiful!


Exercising for beauty



Exercise plays a great role in restoring your skin’s beauty. Lack of exercise also makes your skin look dull and lifeless and your body not in the best of shapes. You need to burn some calories every day so you can reduce the risk of serious health problems. You can also avoid getting sagging lines, wrinkles and extra unwanted fats by incorporating a few easy exercises in your day long schedule and the results will surprise you with a healthier skin and a gorg bod!

By incorporating these little changes in your lifestyle, you can get much better skin, a much better attitude, and a significantly better physique!


These are just some of the important things you need to remember to maintain a fit lifestyle. In what ways are you looking after your health? Comment below and share with us!

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