Add a Toothbrush on Your Dressing Table for Beauty


A toothbrush can do so much for your smile but have you ever wondered that it could actually be a great multipurpose beauty tool too? You can use it to tame unruly brows, exfoliate your lips, and so much more.

Here are 7 great ways to use a toothbrush into your beauty routine.

1. Exfoliate lips

Want baby soft lips? Apply petroleum jelly and gently rub a toothbrush on your lips in a circular motion.

2. Tame fly-aways

Taming pesky fly-aways was never this easy. Spritz a toothbrush with hair spray and use it to to smooth those edges down. You can also use it to style your bangs.

3. Fix your brows

This bathroom essential comes handy when your brows are too wild to be tamed. Simply take some eyebrow gel on an old toothbrush and brush down your brow. This will keep them neat and stay in place for longer.

4. Nail art tool

Channel your inner Picasso and use a toothbrush to splatter nail color. You can layer multiple different colors to create cool patterns.

5. Add volume to your hair

Who needs a fancy hairbrush or a styling tool when you have an old toothbrush lying around? Tease the crown of your hair to add volume to any hairstyle.

6. Clean your beauty tools

Toothbrushes can find dirt in hard-to-reach places, making them an effective cleansing tool to remove dirt, hair or lint from your combs, brushes, and even your hairdryer.

7. De-clump eyelashes

Do you get clumpy eyelashes every time you layer your mascara? Say no more. This multitasking tool will help separate them. Just wiggle it gently from root to tip and viola! You now have clump-free eyelashes.

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