Add Ice Cubes Into your Beauty Routine Today


Ice cubes, something that is present in every household can do wonders for your skin. It has been used as a home remedy for great skin for a long time and here’s why you need to add them to your beauty routine right now!

Who thought rubbing an ice cube could be beneficial for the skin? It seems that you are missing out on some major effects that these cool guys (pun intended) can provide. Check some of them out below:

ice cubes

1. Depuff eye bags

Ice does an incredible job at reducing puffiness and swelling. You can also freeze black coffee into cubes and rub them around your eye area for faster results.

2. Improve blood circulation

Applying ice on your face improves blood circulation, which results in a brighter, glowy skin.

3. Calm inflammation and sun burns

Sun exposure, allergies and rashes can leave skin itchy, inflamed and irritated. Rubbing ice over it helps reduce the inflammation. You can also freeze aloe vera, cucumber or green tea for soothing the inflamed area.

4. Tighten pores

Ice cubes are great remedy to instantly tighten the appearance of pores. The results, however, are temporary so use it in emergencies only.

5. Reduce oiliness

Ice can also help reduce oiliness and sebum as it constricts the pores.

Caution: Please keep in mind that applying ice cubes directly to your skin may cause irritation. Always wrap them in cotton cloth and use it to gently massage in a circular motion.

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