Are You Removing Your Makeup Properly?


Makeup – a lot of people wear it on a daily basis but not everybody takes it off properly.

Makeup is a great invention and it can enhance your beauty. But if you don’t remove it properly, you can cause extensive damage to your skin. If you go to bed with makeup on or without removing it properly, it can:

  1. Cause breakouts (or worsen acne if you are prone to it)
  2. Dull your complexion
  3. Accelerate ageing
  4. Damage your skin barrier
  5. Cause infections

So, to keep skin problems away, let’s learn a good cleansing technique.

The most effective way to remove makeup and impurities

To remove your makeup properly, you need an oil based cleanser and a water based cleanser. The oil based cleanser will help remove oil based impurities, such as makeup and SPF and the water based cleanser will wash away any last traces of it. This method is called double cleansing and you can learn all about it here.

There are mainly two types of oil cleansers available; balm to oil cleansers and simply oil cleansers.

Step 1: Take some oil cleanser into clean, dry hands and massage it onto dry skin.

Step 2: Use gentle circular motions to break down everything and keep massaging for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 3: Wet your hands and gently massage it on your face (don’t wash your face at this point). You’ll notice the oil change into a milky consistency, which means that it is doing its job.

Step 4: Wash off everything with warm water.

Step 5: Now, take your water based cleanser and wash your face with it.

Step 6: Pat dry your face and continue with your skincare routine.

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