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Dry skin is no fun. It can be itchy, flaky, uncomfortable, and irritating. Managing dry skin involves serious struggle. But you can bid goodbye to dry skin woes easily with a good-quality moisturizer. Now, the problem is, there are a lot of products in the market claiming to work like magic for your dry skin, but it’s hard to tell which one will work. That is what we are here for girl!

Everything You Should Know About Having Dry Skin on Your Face ...


Body Scrub

Body scrubs are easy to make at home, and will remove the dead skin and in-grown hairs and the lotion will help lock in moisture. Remember not to ignore 90% of your body by only going for a facial!

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As the weather changes, our skin starts becoming parched, this is a result of the strong heat that sucks our skin dry of any moisture, and if there is one thing that worries us, it’s dry, parched, scratchy skin. Why give in to that cycle when you can be rid of all your skincare worries with a few pumps of Vaseline lotion. Step into any weather with Vaseline this season: picture soft, hydrated and hassle-free skin. With their special moisture locks with droplets of petroleum jelly, these lotions absorb easily and keep skin hydrated.

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion


Can’t find the time to moisturize?

Keep a bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care at work, a travel bottle in your purse and one on your dressing table so you’re reminded to moisturize all day. Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your face; just as you go in for a regular facial, remember to exfoliate your skin after the summer is over by treating yourself to a body scrub, and ensure you use body lotion all over your body to prevent any irritation.

Make it a ritual to always exfoliate as you shower, moisturize as soon as you are done so the skin soaks it in, and to keep moisturizing throughout the day. Stay beautiful with happy, moisturized skin!

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