Hair Accessories To Take Place of Traditional Bridal Hair Jewelry


Hair is one more accessory for you to play with and style at your wedding. Teekas may be classy and traditional, but have become overused and clichéd after decades and decades of deployment. Go a step beyond and pick out something different for your big day!


Forehead headbands




Swap the traditional teeka with a beautiful forehead headband. You can get one in exquisite rhinestones or classy pearls, in icy silver or fiery gold. Still too attached to the traditional? Get one with dangly detailing which is a perfect fusion of the old and new!

Complete the princess look



You’ll certainly feel like a princess at your wedding, so why not look like one too? Place a beautiful tiara on your head before you walk down that aisle. Remember that not all tiaras are pointy and bulky; we would suggest going for something exquisite like Margaery Tyrell’s crown in the Game of Thrones.


Bloom in a floral head wreath


Floral head wreaths have been all the rage lately. Embrace the trend for your own wedding and don a wreath that complements your dress. Don’t worry, not all floral wreaths come in soft, colorful materials; pick a metallic one if you’re looking for extra shine and extra form.


Pin it right


Keep your curls or tresses up in style. Get an embellished pin (or two) as additional accessories for your wedding. Go for beaded ones in crystal, rhinestone or pearl, or pick the delicate gold and copper ones in floral and leafy designs. If big pins are not your thing, choose a bunch of mini pins to scatter around the back of your head for the ultimate elegant look!


Comb and Clip


Like hair pins, hair comb and clips also come in a variety of interesting sizes. Top up that bun with a beautiful pearl comb or keep your voluminous tresses back with a vintage clip.

Do you think it’s high time to replace teekas and bindis with these super trendy and stylish hair accessories? Comment down to let us know!

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