#Beauty Bootcamp: Blush Basics


When we talk about cosmetics, blush is an invention we cant thank our lucky stars enough for! It gives a healthy flush to the cheeks and make your face looks youthful and lively. Not everyone has defined cheek bones by birth but hello there what is the blush here for? It will make your cheeks pop and you are gonna look radiant.

Look how stunning these divas looked with bold cheeks. If you don’t get the blush look like these celebrities do then you applying blush all wrong! Here is the right way to do it. Read on.

#1 Right formula

The ultimate pretty blush look requires you to choose the right formula for yourself first of all. There are many blush formulas in the market but not every formula is for everyone.

Cream: Cream and tint blushes are best for dry skin type.

Powder: Powder blush suits the oily skin type more.

#2 Right shade

The next thing that you need to choose is the color which very much depends on your skin tone.

Fair and Pale Skin: Subtle pink, light coral, and peach are the shades that work best on light skin tones.


Medium skin: Deep pink, warm mauve, and deep peach are the shades that work best on medium skin tones.


Dark skin: Fuchsia, berry, brown, and tangerine are the shades that work best on dark skin tones.

#3 Right tool

Your flawless blush look comes with the right brush. Choosing a brush can be a critical decision for the perfect application. A fluffy brush covers the cheek hollows and bones more evenly and produces chiseled cheeks blended well with the contour.

Blush Makeup Brush | ColourPop

#4 Right technique

The final step of applying the blush is the technique you apply the blush with. The right technique is determined based on your face shape.

Square: Squared shaped faces require blush right on the apple of the cheeks.

Heart: Heart shaped faces require blush under the apples.

Oval face: Oval shaped faces require blush on the apples of the cheeks swiped upwards.

Circle: Circled shape faces require blush on the cheekbones in upwards direction.




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