Beauty Hacks every college girl MUST know!


When you are getting late for class and have to worry about those assignments and quizzes, projects and presentations, exams and research work, but still want to look like a beauty queen despite everything… KNOW THAT you are in a dire need of these beauty hacks. Read on.

Use makeup products in multiple ways

A tight shopping budget does’t necessarily mean an incomplete makeup look. A white shimmery eye shadow can ideally be used as a highlighter while a bronzer can create a perfect cut crease eye makeup look. Orange lipstick can be used in place of color corrector and dab a little pink lipstick on your cheeks if you have run out of blush. Not to forget how well a mascara brush can do your eye brows.

Revive your mascara

Got a mascara recently that has dried up? Don’t think it’s a waste until you try this hack. You can revive your precious mascara by putting it in a cup of warm water and it will be as fresh as new in no time.

White eye pencils more than black ones

Those sleepless nights you spent while doing your projects will reflect in your eyes making them look shrunk and tired. A white eye pencil on your waterline will help your eyes look bigger and wider.

Dry up your nails in no time

Running late for a class but can’t go with bare nails because your crush has got a thing for pretty nails? Dip your hands after applying nail paint in icy cold water and it will dry up real faaast!

Acne won’t be a problem now

College life is when your acne is on peak. Studies’ stress and hormonal imbalance make an evil duo for your skin’s beauty. Use raw aloe vera gel to treat acne and scars without spending too many bucks on skin care products!

Plump ‘em up!

We are talking about your lips here? What did you think? Wan’t lips like kylie Jenner but have got no chill for lip fillers? Apply some peppermint oil on your lips before you apply the lipstick and voila! Your lips are all glossy and plumpy!

College life generally means less funds and more wants. You have got to find a way that will have you look picture perfect all the time. These simple hacks will help you here.

Comment below and let us know what your life savior hack is!XOXO

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