Beauty Hacks from the Royals!!


The members of British Royal family have relied on their own beauty hacks to look like total perfection. Useful hacks  we would love to try-Lets have a look.

Princess Diana.

It’s not about all 3.

Princess Diana’s trick- never combine full lips with a heavy eye; the trick is to wear a light blush. You just need do  focus on two elements and not three. Don’t  do a full lip, eye, and blush.

Blend your eyeliner with a Q-tip.

Soften a harsh line with a cotton bud.

Duchess Of Cambridge- Kate Middleton.

Apply your eyeshadow in three steps.

The Duchess of Cambridge applied her own wedding day makeup —which included three shades of eyeshadow: Ivory all over, Rockstar on the lower lid, and Slate in the crease.

Use a Hairnet for a perfect bun.

Your bun stays in place with the help of a near-invisible hairnet.


Duchess of Sussex-Meghan Markle.

Control flyaways with a toothbrush.

Meghan Markley sprays hairspray on a small boar bristle toothbrush to lightly brush them down or smooth the hairline.

Refresh your eyes with Highlighter.

Open up your eyes, apply a highlighter according to Meghan Markle.


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