Beauty Mantra Of Victoria’s Secret Angels


There are bombshells, and then there are Victoria’s Secret bombshells. Who wants to find out their beauty secrets?

While being a Victoria’s Secret model ensures a lot of popularity and fun, it brings a hell lot of hard work too! After intensive workouts, meticulous eating and lots of beautification, VS models get ready to hit the runway. That heavenly body, glowing skin, and the bad girl sex appeal don’t come just like that. Between the glitz and glam, these beauties make sure they stick to their beauty mantras.

Lets have a tiny sneak peak at their mini wealth of knowledge.


Kelsey Meritt’s beauty mantra



Kelsey Merritt is very special: she is the first Filipino-American model to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She believes in bringing out her best qualities, not covering them up. While performing her skincare routine, Kelsey does a skin gym using a beauty tool to relieve facial muscles and relax them. This also helps her skin to absorb all the skin care products deeply. Kelsey also stays eco-friendly in her beauty regime by using reusable toner pads. This doe-eyed beauty is going to go places, and we cant wait!


Taylor Hill’s beauty mantra



Taylor Hill is famous for two things: being a highly successful Victoria Secret Angel and maintaining those gorgeous, thick brows. To continue her reign at VS, Taylor has forgone all the dairy products that we indulge in. Can you imagine no milk, no mac n cheese, and no pizza? How ya do it angel? Nonetheless it’s completely worth it!

Taylor’s brows are inherited, and the only thing she claims to do for them is to keep her hands off of them! She also religiously creates a feline flick with her eyeliner to accentuate those stunning, baby blue eyes.


Josephine Skriver’s beauty mantra



Josephine Skriver Karlsen is a Danish model and Victoria’s Secret angel. While most people claim to be born with it, Josephine isnt afraid to tell all her beauty secrets and tips to her followers. To keep those lips soft and supple, Josephine uses a tooth brush on them for exfoliation. This not only keeps them from getting cracked, but makes them more pink too.

Activating her face is also part of her skincare routine. She claims to religiously use a jade roller on her face, to combat that early morning puffiness!


Marinda Kerr’s beauty mantra



Ever wondered how Miranda Kerr- model, mommy, entrepreneur and a VS Angel- keeps her skin fresh and her body on point? This Australian model, who rose to popularity when she became a Victoria’s Secret angel in 2007, pays  attention to keep her lymphatic system going smoothly for which she does body brushing. She starts by dry brushing her skin all over before her morning shower. DAILY! PUFFF! This keeps all the dead cells off of her smooth skin and gets the circulation going.


Adriana Lima’s beauty mantra



This name needs no introduction. Adriana Lima is not just one of the most talked about Victoria Secret Angel- she is proclaimed to be one of the most beautiful women alive. This accolade did not come easy. Adriana Lima has quite a few beauty tricks up her sleeve, but a Brazilian blow dry is one of the things she swears by. “One thing I would suggest if you have curly or dry hair that made my hair very healthy is the Brazilian blow dry. It’s unbelievable, I can’t live without it! I do it every two months and it makes my hair super shiny, plus it adds great movement and body to your hair. I love it.”

Apart from that, Adriana prefers staying bare skinned, with lots of sunblock to protect her from UV rays, when she steps out for work. Wish we all had the confidence (or skin), of this “Most Valuable Victoria Secret Angel”!


Can you relate to any of these models’ beauty routines? Comment below and share with us!

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