#BeautySecrets: of the most beautiful women across the world



Do you wanna look as gorgeous as the Spannish, as lovely as the French, as flawless as the Koreans, as fair as Turks, as good looking as Arabs, and as pretty as Persians? Well, our editors did a ton of research to figure out the well kept secrets of beautiful women across the globe. How do they look so alluring? What do they do that makes them look so damn gorg? What do we need to do to look the same? Read on to find out!



Spanish women surely know how to treat puffy eyes.  They use:

Potato slices

to rub and sit around the eyes for about 10 minutes to make the puffiness go away and the eye area look fresh.

Sigh! Potatoes are always a treat. Be it for the mouth, stomach, or eyes!




For the French, less is always more when it comes to their beauty. French women take:

Cold showers rather than hot steamy baths

for improved blood circulation and well-toned and firm skin.

Oh man. So that’s their little secret for that classic french tightened skin?





Korean skin care is trending these days and its no mystery why, these women have the BEST SKIN!

Korean women are:

Fed roasted barley tea from the day they are born

to fortify their skin and well-being as they age. Koreans also use it for weight loss.

Thank you Korea! Barley tea now takes the first position on our groceries list!


Home is also where the hotties are. As part of our culture Pakistani brides use:

Ubtan for a face and body mask to exfoliate and brighten up the skin.

It is a traditional remedy that has been in use since generations.

It’s not only a new bride who needs an exfoliated and bright body. We could all use this one!



For stimulated hair growth, Russians use:

A homemade tonic made of cayenne pepper and vodka.

This tonic balances out the scalp’s pH level and is best for enviously long hair.

Next time you’ll see us in super long hair! Oops but you can’t see us!








Persians mix:

Sedr herb with water to create a paste.

They apply it on the scalp and leave it for 45 minutes to get good glossy strong hair.

Oh Sedr, we are gonna come hunt you down!







In Turkey rather than applying multiple things on their face, women eat:

Kefir to get their skin clear of acne, pimples, and breakouts.

Kefir is a kind of yogurt that cleans toxins from the digestive system and helps Turks achieve the most flawless skin that one can dream of.

This remedy includes eating? This is our favvv then!






Arab women use:

Sour cream for their skin care.

Sour cream contains lactic acid that improves cell turnover and brightens the skin tone. Adding ground almonds to it, makes it a perfect exfoliating cream.

The best part is, you can lick your sour cream mask too. Yumm!





There  you have it ladies, beauty secrets researched and skimmed across the most beautiful countries in the world. Let us know your beauty secret in the comments below. 

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