Best Tips to Apply Blush on Desi Skin Tones


Blush is not a want, it’s a necessity!

You might not believe it, but desi skin has the most flattering undertones. And with the right makeup application, you can further enhance your features. However, one makeup product that people with desi and dark skin tones often don’t pay much attention to is blush. Many people with desi and deep skin tones say that they intentionally skip blush in their makeup routines due to things like acne scars because they think that it doesn’t make a difference, or just because they don’t know what colours to wear. But blush can be one of the best secret weapons in your makeup arsenal and here’s how you can wear it like a queen.

1. Find the right formula

For beginners, cream blushes work fantastic as they are very easy to blend and provide just the right amount of pigmentation. For more coverage, try powder and liquid formulas as they are more pigmented and appear easily on desi skin tones.


2. Experiment with colours

Baby pink isn’t the only blush option available on the market, so you should try and find your perfect match. Berries, deep purple, oranges, and pinky-coral hues beautifully compliment desi skin tones.


3. Appreciate the glory of a good blush

As mentioned earlier, when used correctly a blush can take your makeup from 0 to 100 in no time. It is such a versatile product and can be added to the cheeks, lips, temples, nose, and eyes. Depending on the shade, it can also add dimension and a bit of warmth to the face.


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