Bomb Beauty Routines to Try During the Weekend


Don’t we all just wait for the week to end so we can just chill, relax and do nothing for the next two days? These bomb beauty routines for weekends will completely change your self-care experience and we’re all here for it!

Cleansing Friday

Start the weekend with a clean skin. On Friday night, double cleanse your face with an oil based cleanser followed by a water based cleanser. Like dissolves like, right? So, you need an oil cleanser to remove makeup, sunscreen, sebum and dirt from your face. Then, use a cleansing gel or foam to remove everything and you are good to go.

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Relaxing Saturday

After a long week, it’s time to treat yourself right. This means that you should put on a face mask, sit back and enjoy a healthy beverage. The only rule you should follow while buying a face mask is that it should be right for your skin type and condition.

If you have oily skin, try clay masks or exfoliating masks, if you have dry skin, you can use thicker masks. Sheet masks work great for hydration. People with normal and combination skin can go for multi masking and enjoy the benefits while you rest.

Nourishing Sunday

Your body and hair worked hard all week too. They deserve some love and care. Give your body an exfoliating treatment and as soon as you come out of the shower, use a body oil or thick moisturizer to lock in the moisture and hydration. Apply a DIY hair mask with banana, honey, yogurt and olive oil so they can shine all week happily.

We hope these beauty routines will help you in your self-care journey. Would you like to add something to this article? Let us know in the comments.

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