Bridal Beauty Countdown: 2 Months Till Your Big Day!


As the wedding date approaches, the nervousness kicks in. There’s so much to do and it feels like you don’t have a moment to spare. But, that’s the biggest mistake any bride can make. This is the time to take care of yourself to look your best on your big day. Here’s how you can achieve that much coveted bridal glow.

Two Months Prior to the Wedding

Rule Your Complexion 

Society is fairly harsh when it comes to skin complexion. I say, fight this. Fight the prejudiced standards. There’s much to be said for the ethereal beauty of pale skin, but if you prefer your complexion subtly golden, then go for it. Spend time in the sun (but don’t forget to protect your skin by wearing adequate sunscreen).

Self-tanner is an option too. You can start experimenting with the right shade a few months before your big day to figure out what “base complexion” your skin is going to glow. 

Body Hygiene

Exfoliate your body at least once a week. As part of my lifestyle, I schedule in body scrubs & polishes to maintain its moisture and freshness. It’s super hard to be on top of it myself when I’ve got competing academic & professional schedules, but the results will completely blow your mind.

If you want to learn more of my bridal beauty secrets, stay connected on Be Beautiful.

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