Bridal Beauty Countdown: 3 months to your big day!


With all the energy that goes into planning a wedding, it’s easy to lose sight of what it’s all about—you’re making it official with the love of your life.

It’s understandable that when dealing with pressing concerns like dress fittings or selecting the perfect pair of shoes, there’s a chance you may overlook the more minute, yet not insignificant tasks, like getting your brows groomed, your skin into fighting shape, and your hair color calibrated to the exact right shade. To help you glow inside out, I am going to weigh in on what appointments you need to book and exactly when to do it. And so, the countdown begins!

Three Months Prior to the Wedding


I feel that many brides make the mistake of overdoing their eyebrows. I suggest deviating from the sharp, too-dark-to-be-true or too-arched-to-be-natural. Henna brow tattoos are a popular and proven trend for all big occasions. 

I personally kept my eyebrows natural: thick, untamed and neat. I think it gives a very youthful look.

Go to an expert beauty consultant to understand what eyebrow shapes your natural hairline and face shape. Tint as far in advance as possible so you can figure out what you like best.

Schedule a Skin Check-In

Even amidst all the plethora of beauty and skincare items, we forget to truly check in with our skin; how it’s truly feeling inside. I suggest booking an appointment with a dermatologist to understand your skin concerns. You’ll also learn how your skin is responding to the weather, or to any new prescriptions or products. At this stage of the wedding timeline, there is still time to alter your skincare regimen or book in-office treatments so you get the best results by your wedding day.

Stay posted on Be Beautiful for more exciting details so you can prepare yourself for the big day.

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