Bridal Beauty Countdown: 3 Weeks Till Your Big Day!


The day has been reserved and it’s time to work on that bridal glow!

Here are a few things you need to keep in check while preparing for your big day.


Three Weeks Prior to the Wedding

Brighten Your Smile 

I went to a dentist to look after my teeth. To maintain the brightness, whitening strips can help.

Fine-Tune Your Colour

Don’t underestimate the importance of a root touch-up, no matter how fresh your hair colour is. The same applies for subtle highlights. The reason is that it gives the dye a chance to settle while still looking fresh, but doesn’t leave enough time for your roots to start growing in. Also, don’t obviously experiment with a hair colour you have never done before. That experimenting should happen at least a month prior to the wedding.


Practice Restraint 

I don’t feel right saying this because it was hard to preach myself. But, it’s important to avoid salty and fatty foods. I was compensating with regular physical activity. Don’t overdo it on your active side because you want to retain water, otherwise you will have a puffy face and eyes. What really helped me was the LED treatment plus oxygen. It shrank my pores plus boosted radiance, which is key when pre-wedding jitters can make skin stressed.

Go for a Final Trim

I would never recommend someone make a drastic change right before they get married. It’s an emotional time, and too much change can tip a fragile scale. I went to my trusted stylist and got a light trimming of my ends.

If you want to learn more of my bridal beauty secrets, stay connected on Be Beautiful.

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