Could Dunking Your Face in Ice Water be the Secret to Flawless Makeup?


People are dunking their faces in ice water to get long lasting, flawless makeup and the results might blow your mind.

If you’re looking for an easy way to last your makeup all day and get smooth skin, then this beauty trick might become your next favorite hack. Jamsu is the makeup technique which emerged from South Korea and quickly took the social media by storm. The word actually means ‘dunking’ or ‘submerging’ your face in ice cold water after applying your makeup to set it and add a more matte effect, making it ideal for those with oily skin.


Apply your foundation, concealer, contour and set it with powder. The water repels the powder and presses it to set on your skin, which is why powder is the critical step. Take a bowl, large enough to move your face around it and fill it with ice and water. Next, dunk your face in the ice water three times for about ten seconds. The end result is a smoother finish and longer-lasting makeup.

Does it work? Yes! And it’s a great hack to keep your makeup in place all day in summers.

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