Beauty Horrors to Expect in Summer!


Duck down! Hide! Cover up! The sunny season has come and the big ball of fire is blazing in all its fiery glory is leaving us mere mortals running for our dear skin and hair. While the sun is an excellent source of vitamin D and a free mood booster, we in the subcontinent, are unfortunately over-blessed (trust me, it’s a word) with it. In case you’re still living on the wild side and not taking SPF seriously, here’s a list of things the sun does to your skin when you get exposed to the massive circle of fire for more than 10 minutes.

1) Oh my eyes!

Long-term, unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can damage the retina and cause the development of cloudy bumps along the edge of the cornea preventing clear vision. Hence wear polarized sun shades not just to protect your eyes from Mr. wrathful sun but to look modern and classy too.

2) ‘Rash’ hour!

Sun exposure leads to over-sweating that stresses the sweat ducts and makes them trap perspiration under the skin causing a rash. Here’s a tip though, next time you feel the prickles and ickles, clean with a tissue and dab some cornflour. Not only does cornflour absorb all the sweat, it is a natural, no side effects alternative to powders that may irritate sensitive skin.

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3) Wrinkle in time

UV light damages collagen and elastic tissue in the skin, making it weak and hindering its natural healing journey causing sagging and premature aging. Numerous studies conducted all around the world has proven that while sunscreen is not elixir of youth it sure does help delay the signs of aging. One of our favorites have to be the new Fair & Lovely BB cream which not only covers up those pesky marks but also gives a decent sun protection all day long. Lather up ladies!

Follow these tips and keep the damages caused by Mr sun at a distance. What’s your favorite Summer care tip? Share in the comments below! XOXO

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