This Green-Ginger-Mint Tea Recipe will make your tummy light as ****



The major activity of Desi people while they are locked down in their houses is ‘Eating’. They would constantly eat randomly, not because they are hungry in fact they are bored and have nothing else to do as such. Are you one of those people who kill their boredom with food and have trouble digesting all those heavy meals? Can’t help but over eat every time you decide to just have one more bite? We might have something that can help you wash away all that guilt and digest your meals better. Presenting the unbelievably delicious tea that is surprisingly good for digestion.


What you need:

Lipton Green Tea (Lemon)

1 sliver of ginger (washed and peeled)

Mint leaves (according to taste, washed and separated from stem)

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Bring one cup water to boiling point. Tear Lipton Green Tea bag and empty the contents into the pot, add ginger and mint leaves. Boil the mixture on low flame until you can smell ginger and mint mix well together. Turn off the flame and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Enjoy hot with honey or cold with extra lemon.

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You are NOW allowed to eat as much as you want and the best part is you won’t feel like bursting after such fun yet heavy dinners with this amazingly effective green tea recipe!

What’s your green tea recipe? Comment below and let us know! XOXO

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