Does the DIY Concealer Hack Work?


The DIY culture started a few years ago and it’s thriving since then. From skincare to makeup and even accessories, people are encouraged to make everything themselves, but is it always helpful? Not exactly and this concealer hack is a great example.

The question of whether or not the DIY concealer hack works is a bit of a hot topic at the moment. There are some who say that it doesn’t work, and others who say it does. So what’s the real story? Is it effective or not? How does it work? Here’s what you need to know about this DIY concealer hack.

The hack is simple. You need two products and in two simple steps, it claims to work like a magic concealer that will cover all the under-eye bags, blemishes, and discoloration. First, apply clear lip balm or a light layer of Vaseline under your eyes, and then set it with compact or loose powder. But is it worth trying?

Not really. Lip balms and Vaseline are very thick, and this can clog the skin around your eyes. Secondly, compact powders have very light coverage so they can’t cover any discoloration. The best way to conceal your under eyes is to use a concealer.

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