Does the Jade Roller Foundation Hack Work?


Trends come and go and people are always on the lookout for the next trending hack on the Internet. So far, we’ve seen a lot of hacks, some were a hit some were miss and now there is a new makeup hack in town and it’s applying foundation with a jade roller.

Apparently, the trend is not new. It started two years ago and only recently gained popularity, thanks to TikTok. The hack is pretty simple. You just need to dot your foundation across the face and use a jade roller to blend it. People claim that this trick gives you a full coverage foundation look and also requires less product than brushes and makeup sponges as they tend to absorb a lot of the products. Moreover, the coldness of the roller also shrinks your pores, giving you a smooth finish.

But does this makeup hack really work? Does it live up to all the hype? Let’s find out.

When you start blending the foundation with the large side of the roller in an outward and upward motion, you’ll notice that it instantly gives a full coverage canvas. But, the nooks and crannies around the nostrils and eyelids are difficult to blend with this technique. Even if you do it with the smaller side of the roller, it looks patchy and uneven and can also leave behind streaks and lines.

And it’s also time-consuming. Blending the foundation alone requires around 5-8 minutes, so it’s definitely not an easy or quick hack and we don’t approve it. But did it fulfill the promise of giving you a full coverage foundation? Absolutely! However, we would still prefer a brush, makeup sponge, or even better fingers to blend in the foundation.

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