Don’t mix these ingredients – A Guide


Acid you should avoid mixing

The most common mistake newbies make when mixing their acids is mixing them with other products. The result is a mess of ingredients that won’t perform well.

Here’s what you need to know about acids and how they interact with each other:

The acid-to-oil ratio should be 1:1, not 3:2. If you’re using a 3:2 ratio, it means you’re adding two or three drops of acid to one drop of oil. This can cause your skin to turn red and flakey and results in low levels of penetration into the skin. Using too much acid can also lead to irritation and sensitivity.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using heavier concentrations of acids. These acids can be irritating for all skin types and are best used at lower levels (1–5%). Below are some acids you should definitely avoid mixing.

  • glycolic acid and lactic acid
  • citric acid and glycolic acid
  • salicylic acid and glycolic acid

If you’re still not sure whether it’s safe to mix two particular acids, it’s always best to consult with a skincare expert before mixing them as they can cause a lot of damage that may have a long-lasting effect.

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