Don’t Mix These Skincare Ingredients!


These skincare ingredients are amazing on their own, but pair them in a wrong combination and you’re in for a disaster.

Sometimes, some things in life are not meant to go together, and the same principle applies to skincare as well. In an effort to get soft, glowing skin, sometimes we end up making a skincare mistake which leads to skin irritation, more breakouts, and even premature ageing. But not anymore! Welcome to skincare mixology! Where we share the best and worst skincare ingredients combos.

1. Vitamin C and AHA/BHA

Avoid this combo at all costs, specially if you have sensitive skin. Both of these ingredients are highly acidic and mixing them together can disrupt the skin’s natural pH and cause serious issues. So don’t use them in the same routine. Use your vitamin C in the morning and AHA/BHA at night.


2. Retinol and Benzoyl peroxide

Both of these ingredients fight acne and reduce acne causing bacteria. But are they supposed to be used together? Absolutely no! Both benzoyl peroxide and retinol are very potent and mixing them together can cause flaking, peeling, redness and even scarring. To avoid this, use retinol at night and benzoyl peroxide during the day as a spot treatment. If you wish to use them in the same routine, go for a benzoyl peroxide based cleanser and apply retinol over your moisturiser to reduce irritation.


3. Benzoyl peroxide and BHA

This power duo can get rid of acne, but at the same time, can be a little too much to handle for your skin. To avoid any irritation, alternate their use. It’s best to exfoliate one to two times a week, so if you’re using benzoyl peroxide one day, use the BHA on another day.


4. Vitamin C and retinol

While vitamin C is acidic and protects the skin from environmental and sun damage, retinol has an alkaline pH and repairs and rebuilds skin. Therefore, they’re best used at opposite times of the day.

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