Dry Scalp and Dull Hair? Here’s What You Need


Banish dry scalp and dull hair with these easy tips.

Winter is just around the corner, which is not a good news for dry and dull hair. But, with a few tips you can easily reverse the damage and bring back your hair to its natural glory.

1. Avoid washing your hair too often

Instead of washing your hair every single day or every other day, wash it only twice a week. This will keep dryness at bay and give your hair some time to rebalance its oils.


2. Don’t wear tight hairstyles

Tight ponytails and buns cause breakage and dryness. Wear them in loose braids and seal the ends with a silk or satin scrunchie.


3. Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp will promote good blood circulation and help spread your hair’s natural oils evenly.


4. Get regular trims/dusting

Dry and dull hair are prone to split ends. In order to keep them in check, you should get regular trims or ask your hairdresser for dusting.


5. Use deep conditioning masks

Here’s a pro tip. Use deep conditioning hair masks every two weeks and wear a shower cap for extra shiny and luscious hair.


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