Killer Makeup Combos


The wedding season is upon us and we find ourselves faced with colour combination dilemma again! Which eye shadow will go with which Lipshade? What lipshade will strike best cyour outfit? Questions, Questions, Questions !
Here are three killer combos to help you make the right decisions.  These three colours are powerful, classy and almost never out of style. Here’s what to do if you are wearing:

1. Black

If you have never been to a wedding flaunting a black gown or traditional attire, you have missed out! Black is an exquisite color and best for an evening event. Combined with an elegant piece of statement jewelry, it looks ravishing without too much effort. As for the makeup, black and red make a great combo. You need to keep the eyes neutral on the lid and smokey in the outer corners, with a hint of subtle highlighting at the brow. Curl your lashes and apply a volumizing mascara to make your eyes pop. Use a bronzer or a blusher to make your cheekbones more noticeable. Lastly, apply cherry red lipstick to complete your sexy look!

2. Orange

Orange is a tricky colour to work with, but stunning if done right. When it comes to pairing makeup with an orange dress, it is wise to stick with warm tones. For eyeshadow, use bronze or a taupe, with thick black liner and lots of mascara. For the lips, a dusty pink tone would look best. Nude pink also is a safe choice since it is easy to pull off.

3. Red

Red is everywhere during wedding season. From the bride’s lehnga to the bridesmaid’s gown, red rules all! With red, you should definitely try a smokey eye. It’s so sexy and refreshing! Use three colours to create a monochromatic eye look. Using taupe as a base lid colour, apply a darker brown in the center of the eye lid. To achieve that smokey look, you need to apply black in the outer corner and blend it subtly with the remaining two colours. For lips, red can be paired with red, nudes or even a deep, rich purple! Opt for any of these shades and you are ready to go!

What is your favorite color for this wedding season? Comment down to let us know!

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