Easy Smoky Eyes With Sadia Riaz


Smoky eye look with Sadia Riaz

The Be Beautiful pro on board just gave us the easiest way to get a smoky eye look. Smoky eye look may sound very difficult to do and not everyone risks this make up look. But now with the help of our make up expert Sadia Riaz you can now easily get the eye look you desire in just a few steps:

1. Choose your brushes

  • Concealer brush
  • Blending brush
  • Defining eyeliner brush

2. Choose your products

  • Kajal Pencil
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Translucent powder
  • Beauty blender

3. What you need to do in easy steps

  • Start with applying kajal on your under eyes and blend it all around.
  • Smudge the kajal on top of the eye with a blending brush.
  • Now add a bit of black eyeshadow on top and blend and blend.
  • On top of the black eye shadow start adding a mix of brown eye shadow and then again blend.
  • Choose a lighter shade that goes with your skin colour and add it to the top of the brown and blend to give a natural blend.
  • Apply mascara
  • Wear your fake eyelashes.

We love this easy step-by-step by this amazing makeup artist Sadia Riaz. Do let us know in the comments below if you tried this smoky eye look.

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