Quick & Easy Hacks to turn Your Hair from Greasy to Gorgeous



Greasy hair dont care!

So here is a little insight into our world, our editors are always trying a testing beauty hacks that make our life somehow quicker and easier. We do want to look great all the time…Beauty editors afterall (ahem ahem) BUT with the daily workload who on earth has time yo!

We have this go to hair hack that sorts our greasy hair woes in no time and just had to share it with you! All you’ll need is some dry shampoo, texturising spray, bobby pins and a hair tie. Read these step-by-step instructions to wave gross hair goodbye!

Add Some Volume


The biggest problem with greasy hair  is that it tends to look lifeless and flat.

  • Start by adding some volume with a sea salt texturising spray.
  • Throw your head down and spritz your roots with the spray.
  • Flip your hair back and spray lightly over your crown.
  • Tousle hair gently with finger and let dry.


Part and Pony


  • Using a tail comb, create a horizontal three inch part at your crown.
  • Keep the section separate and tie the rest of your hair in a pony on the centre of your head. 
Zap that Oil

  • For added body at your crown, spray a dry shampoo at the roots of the section that you’ve left outside the pony.
  • Allow the dry shampoo to cut through the greasiness and proceed to the next and final step.


Tie it all up
classic updo wedding hairstyles
  • Pin up the three inch section that you’ve left loose! Start by taking each strand separately and pin back on top of your pony.
  • Do this for the entire section and just wrap them around in a bun and hold in place with bobby pins.
  • Enjoy your gorgeous hairstyle!


These tips will make your hair look like clean and freshly washed.

Share your Greasy Hair tips in the comments below!

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