Eliminate Flyaways with this Hack!!


Your ready with your sleek updo, and errant hair make a visit- how annoying would that be. To fix those flyaways, you may load on the gel or hairspray so much that the crown of your head feels hard. So is there a solution to these flyaways? YES- its dental floss-  below we explain how to use it.


Steps to Follow-
  1. After gathering your hair into a pony or bun, use a gel or oil to create a smooth base. Then grab your floss.
  2. Grasp the ends of the floss in each hand and pull it tight.
  3. Glide the floss over the crown of your head, using medium pressure to slick down any flyaway hairs.
  4. Set with hairspray to hold.


And Done- Pesky Flyaways are not Welcome.
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