“Everything On Social Media Is So Photoshopped” Saheefa Jabbar’s take on Beauty



This model has stolen the limelight many a times with her show stopping performances, her gorgeous looks and social media controversies. But whatever it was, Saheefa Jabbar definitely knows how to make an impact and stop people in their tracks. With her superb acting skills and flawless natural beauty, Saheefa is the face you are going to see everywhere; never ordinary, but always beautiful. Here is the thing about her though, her beauty routine is not what we had expected someone with her lifestyle to have. Read on for a deep dive into the life and mind of Saheefa Jabbar.


What do you do to keep your daily beauty game strong?

Staying hydrated is the only key. And rose water actually!

How would you beauty rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

If you ask me about my skin, it totally depends, sometimes it’s very 10/10 but it varies with weather, and work, so sometimes it goes down to 3-4 as well.

Who do you think is the most beautiful person on the planet?

There are so many names. Like I love Ruby Rose. I also like Kate Winslet.

What does your daily beauty routine look like?

For skin care, I make sure that I wash my face in the morning followed by a moisturiser. I am not a makeup person at all. So I think that makes my skin healthy. I only wear makeup when I am working, else there is no makeup in my life even if I go to weddings there is no makeup. BUT I am a very big olive oil fan and freak. You’ll always see me in hair oil. I put hair oil daily. Like dailyyy, and wash my hair daily too.

What are your favourite go-to beauty products?

I really don’t have a good list of beauty products, and I don’t really own something really nice and special. even a nice petroleum jelly would work for my face. I don’t mind putting baby oil on my face too. Since I am not a makeup person, I don’t really carry anything with me as such nor have I a set beauty regime or routine. I just simply wash my face and put Vaseline, Cetaphil moisturizer, or the blue Nivea on my face. Those are the only products that I keep in my cupboard and nothing else.


What is your fitness routine?

I wish I was a fitness freak, I really wish so. I am trying to do that and bring that routine in my life. I just recently started swimming and now I am just all crazy about it. I think workout is really important for your own sanity as well as your body’s fitness.

What is the one beauty product that you cannot imagine your life without?

If I am talking about the makeup then I think I would not want to leave my house without my YSL base, rose water and a good eyebrow tint or mascara.

Who do you take your beauty inspiration from?

I’m a very desi person at heart. I follow everything on Instagram. I really want to own good and loads of beauty and skin products and I really want my skin to glow, shine and be flawless having no acne on my face but I think everything on social media is so photoshopped that I can’t really take inspiration from anyone. Everyone is under the photoshop brush or makeup brush so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take inspiration from anyone.

But my mom I would say! I had never seen her in makeup and the maximum she does is put lipstick on her lips.

If you have to choose between beauty and power, what would it be and why?

I think I would want to have power and with that power I can have beauty as well. Haha

What is the best beauty advice that someone has ever given you?

My mom. Haha. She is funny. She always tells me not to put anything on the face. She says don’t have facials, they are bullshit. If you have to get a facial worth Rs 8000 done, go buy some fruits and have them instead, which are good for your health as well as your skin.

I think she is right, it’s insane and stupid to invest on something like facial. I think I would rather eat clean fruits, veggies and organic food. I am not a very big fan of facials so to me it was the best beauty advice of eating healthy.


If you had the chance to replace one feature of yours with some other actress. What would it be and who would you replace it with?

If you had asked me this question two years back I would have said that I want to replace my nose because its slightly broken, torn and what not. But now I finally think that it’s my identity that makes me different from the rest and now I finally don’t want to change anything about my face. It’s totally perfect and I like the way it is.

What’s your beauty guilty pleasure?

I can’t call it a ‘pleasure pleasure’ but I want those sheet masks. I want to have them in abundance and different kinds and styles and I wish I put them on day in and day out. I think I’ll be guilty about it.

Do you have any homemade beauty recipe you swear by?

I don’t have any homemade recipe. One day I bought this organic facial that had yogurt, honey, oats, and stuff. Even that didn’t work out for me. Like it suits people, it doesn’t suit me. But I think the fun thing is whatever seasonal fruit that you are eating try making a paste out of it and apply it all over you for 10 minutes. It will hydrate you and give vitamin c or whatever content it has to your face and skin. So I think that is the only thing that I find right.

Apart from that face hydration is so so so important. You should put yogurt and rose water on your face and that would be my second homemade beauty recipe.

What is the most you have ever spent on makeup?

Oh god. I think this whole interview is so right but with the wrong person. This is so funny that the most I have spent on my makeup is just for a base which is from YSL. Other than that I am not a makeup person, not a makeup freak .

If you don’t have a tattoo and would like to have one – what would the tattoo be of and where would you like to have it?

I recently got two tattoos from the US. On my left arm I got my husband and my face and on my right arm I got my best friend and my face. So I have already got tattoos and I am planning to get more.


Have you ever opted for any surgical beauty procedure? If yes, then what are those? If not, then what would you like to get done?

I once got this filler done on my chin to get rid of the chin dimple which I didn’t like. I still don’t like it though. So I got it done which was gone in 2-3 weeks. Generally it stays for good 3-4 months for most of the people but mine was gone after 2 weeks. I only got that done after which I never thought of getting anything else.

What is your one favourite lipstick?

I don’t put lipsticks. My husband doesn’t like lipsticks on me, my best friends don’t like lipsticks on me. But if I have to pick one, it would be a Ruby Woo by MAC. I really like that.

What is your Beauty Secret?

LOL. There is no secret to my beauty it just comes in genes. You can’t do anything about the face and the skin you are born with. You are just given it by the family and the bloodline you are born in. But, you can make better by taking care of it. There is nothing more to it.

What is the best beauty advice someone has ever given to you?

One should always stay happy. My Amma says one should never be jealous, people who envy others start showing signs of jealousy on their faces. It’s very important that you think positive, treat people nicely and think nice about them then automatically Allah blesses you with outer beauty.

What is your biggest beauty disaster?

Umm I never had any. WAIT, OH YES I HAD ONE how can I forget about that. So there was this black carpet I and Rehmat were supposed to host back in 3-4 years back for an awards show. Remo and I were given dresses which were hideous and so so so bad. The hair wasn’t going well, the makeup wasn’t going well. The dresses were not fancy. I think that was one of the biggest disasters we faced because you know when you are in the media so many people are looking up to you, watching you and looking at you then you always want to look perfect and feel beautiful as well. When you don’t feel beautiful you don’t look beautiful at all.

As a celebrity you are always at the target of cyber bullies. They reacted real bad when you got your hair chopped off. How did you manage to deal with it?

At first I cried my lungs out. I actually reacted to it really badly. I was depressed, I was sad. Then at one point when a brand I was in a contract with backed out saying they didn’t want to take me, I realised no one was supporting it, I went strong and I was like **** it. It’s my hair, I’ll do whatever I want. If people don’t want me it’s their call and if they do they have to accept me the way I am, the way my hair is. I don’t want to change anything in me and in myself.

Just knowing that you are strong and you’ll face it all without needing anyone is how you should do it like.

What changed for you after you got short hair?

At that time social media’s power was good. 3 years back it was more crazy and intense, it was starting to rise. Now it’s pretty negative instead of positive. It had a positive influence before. In 2 years time, all of sudden it became totes negative. When I got my hair cut short the whole industry stood with me, that gave me courage and made me feel that people know how to stand with the right. Then I realised I can stand for something, can try to change things and change minds. So that’s what that got into me then. Before that I was living my life as an ordinary person that if someone is saying anything let them. After my haircut I learnt how to fight with the negative people and their negative views.

Your best beauty tip for our followers?

Always always always stay positive, calm and humble. Don’t let negativity come near you. After that-stay hydrated. If you are not happy, calm, and positive that will all come to your face. I would just say don’t be negative if you want to be beautiful. And drink loads of water LOL.

This bold and witty actor and model has earned much love and a little critic too for who she is, but she was never reluctant to be like ‘her’. The best part about her personality is that she is genuine and is the same person inside out! She has learned that people do speak ill about others, and they will keep doing that, so why care?

Do you agree that it’s about time you ditch people and the fear of “what will they say” instead live your life your way? Comment below with your thoughts!

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